Helping Ideas Launch

LeapFinder is an Arizona based development agency serving US based clients. We specialize in app/custom development, consulting, & integrations. We provide a guided experience to help you turn an idea into a product.

Specializing In:

App Development

Our mobile development utilizes cross platform technology to bring a beautiful, intuitive, and performant experience across all platforms.

Web Design & Development

Our full stack development is well suited to handle everything from UX/UI on the front end to robust APIs and scalable architecture on the back end.


Our team can offer strategic insights and experience on technology choices, user experience design, scalability, security, and project management.

Data Acquisition, Migrations, & Integrations

Helping manage data situations no matter the complexity or size. Equipped to move swiftly and deliver on a quick timeline.


The 'LEAP' experience.

At LeapFinder we help ideas launch. Our motivation is to make the best experience for you and your customers. To do this, we like to work with industry experts & influencers who like to get the job done right. We specialize in creating beautiful and functional apps that help you disrupt industry norms, all while effectively engaging your audience.

Whatever your idea, we'll be there from concept to completion. The LEAP experience is our personal and unique process for custom development. We Listen to you, Engage your idea, and take Action to turn that idea into a Product.

  • Listen. Any good project is built on communication. We believe it's most important for us to listen (and even ask questions) as part of this phase. This is a critically important part of making sure we can start the project off right. We want to learn about you, business, influences and your project/idea.
  • Engage. Once we're on the same page, it's time to start moving. In order to transition from concept to completion, we'll work closely with you on a solution that's fitting for your budget, timeline, and vision. Project objectives, scopes, and specifications are clarified and app development begins as part of this phase.
  • Action. After development is in full swing, we'll transition to the action phase. During this time, we'll be sure to keep you in the communication loop with timely updates and regular communication. We'll also give you access to your software as it's being made, and keep open communication so we can make sure it's headed to its desired outcome.
  • Product. To bring full launch to a project, we transition to the product phase. Some projects may conclude development here after a successful launch, but our support doesn't stop once the idea is launched. We'll be there to support what we've built and the people we built it with. We're available to continue development as needed to contribute to your success.


Our team has helped companies of different sizes and industries nationwide and internationally, including:

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We serve US based clients looking for help with app/custom development, consulting, and integrations. If you're in the Greater Phoenix Area or in Mid Michigan, reach out to meet in person!

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